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No doubts that Blockchain technology is fundamentally transforming our world.

As the Demand for blockchain experts is on a constant rise and the availability of developers on the market is not keeping up with its pace . Many companies seek to launch their blockchain initiatives, from pure blockchain startups to traditional organizations that wish to utilize the power of blockchain to their advantage – and many struggle with finding suitable blockchain developers to meet their demands.

We are here to educate the next generation of blockchain developers and Place the Ukraine as a highly preferred location for sourcing the best Blockchain unicorns!

Evolving Into Blockchain – Guidance for Developers

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Blockchain is at its Peak and continues rising over the last 3 years yet still many questions remain unanswered.

What difficulties can a developer face while building a governmental project? How to launch an ICO for an existing project? Cybersecurity and blockchain, how to keep your project secure?

All these questions as well as many other topics will be discussed on the most desired autumn Blockchain event – Evolving Blockchain-Guidance for Developers.

Our Speakers

  • Stav Zilbershtein
    CEO, Hyperion Tech Current state of Blockchain technology in Ukraine
    • What is Hyperion’s Blockchain Academy?
    • Status of Blockchain technology in Ukraine
    • Dealing with the Blockchain developers shortage
    • Discover Blockchain, become a Blockchain expert and evangelist
  • Vladislav Polikarpov
    CTO, Ideasoft Making Blockchain real for business
    • Understanding customer’s needs and pain
    • Should I use blockchain for my project?
    • The correct ways of using tokens
    • Common challenges in adding blockchain into an existing project
  • German Stogniev
    COO, Ideasoft Blockchain development – between innovation and regulation
    • Preparation of general projects for ICO
    • Wallets security and investor dashboard
    • Peculiarities of working with governmental institutions blockchain projects
    • Regulating Blockchain application and protection personal data
  • Nikita Knysh
    Chief Cyber Security Officer, Hacken Cyber Security cases and practices
    • Cyber Security in Blockchain
    • Software development lifecycle in Blockchain
    • Not so smart contracts examples
    • Code logic issues and examples of web vulnerabilities

Blockchain industry highlights

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    Billion Raised through 235 ICO Projects

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    Anticipated Blockchain job growth in next 7 years

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    Searches for “blockchain” have gone up in the last 3 years

Values of Hyperion
Blockchain Academy

  • Quality

    We ensure the information and surveys we provide remain relevant and agile in the face of rapid industry changes.

  • Foundation

    We help you understand the disruptive potential of blockchain across industries.

  • Expert speakers

    We bring only opinion leaders with proficient experience in blockchain to share their knowledge and experience with you.

  • Flexibility

    We assist developers through the transition into the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Complexity

    Gain strategic insights into blockchain technology and its power to revolutionize the way we do business.

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